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'Three Stones: The Cross and the Circle' features in Westival 2023, launching on 26 October.

Discover the wonderful secret of three stones outside Westport that have long been considered a mystery lost in time. We reveal they are nothing less than a map of the southern night skies 6,100 years ago, when the Southern Cross disappeared for the last time over the Irish horizon.

Irieland presents an immersive experience at Three Stones gallery, opposite the Westport Plaza Hotel on Castlebar Road, running from Thursday 26 October until Monday 30 October. 

Admission is open and free. 

This show is an independent production by Irieland with no external funding. We offer the book Three Stones along with photos and paintings in our gift shop where you can express your support and take away a beautiful gift for yourself or others.

Photography: Karen Cox
Artwork: Freya Bartels
Writing: Rónán Lynch
Layout: Marissa Walsh
Soundtrack: FRYA, Cosmic Echoes, Trp70, Music for Inter-Stellar Travelling
Production & Design: Irieland

Thursday: Opening 5.30pm – 8.30 pm 
Friday: 6pm to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 2pm to 5pm
Monday: 2pm to 5pm

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