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The 2024 Druid Calendar (2023)

The druid year starts in Samhain (November) and features thirteen trees, a month named for each tree. Tune in to the cycle of the year through our native trees. It's a lovely way to feel the way of our ancestors.

Publication date: 30 October 2023. Available in the online shop, price includes postage in Ireland.

Three Stones: The Cross and the Circle (2023)

The follow-up to Mayo Atlantis is not a sequel but an evolution. Focusing on three stones in the Knappaghmanagh hills, Three Stones looks at Ireland's ancient art through a scientific lens, and returns with compelling evidence that druid knowledge is inscribed there. Old stories are drenched in legend and myth mostly because we're forgotten the meaning of their origin.

Publication date: 1 October 2023. Available in the online shop, price includes postage in Ireland.

Mayo Atlantis: Return of Ancient (2020)

The book Mayo Atlantis connects the ancient pilgrimage trails that preceded the myth of Saint Patrick to the scientific and practical schools of druid wisdom that was known throughout Ireland in ancient times. It suggests that the Boheh stone and other nearby stones were part of an ancient trail that stretches back thousands of years.

Between Worlds: The History and Legends of the Kirwans of Castlehacket(2019)

Once the richest family in Ireland, and the only family among the Tribes of Galway to claim Irish roots, the Kirwans of Castlehacket were the jet set of their day. Landlords, merchants, judges, writers, horseracers, bankers, politicians, and PR experts, the Kirwans still have their names on horseracing trophies long after the family has died out. Between Worlds was the first academic publication to connect west of Ireland Irish and Anglo-Irish families to profiteering from the slave trade and plantation system. It's also a riveting read about the efforts of the Kirwans to appear as a noble family with connections to the ancient fairy kings.

Lynch: History, Myth and Legend (2014)

The Lynch family of Galway has a fascinating legacy of descendants around the world. When Che Guevara, descended from the Lynch family, defended Cuba against the Bay of Pigs invasion, he was fighting against a platoon led by Grayston Lynch, a former CIA officer.

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